A Saner U.S. Policy Towards North Korea

In Saner Thought

There has been volumes written on how to handle the North Korean situation……most of which has centered around some sort of military action…..very little on a more sane approach.

Some will ask…..mostly those on the neocon Right, that will ask if that is even possible. The American Conservative offers up a look at a more sane foreign policy.

There are seven postulates that ought to inform U.S. policy regarding North Korea.

First, our objective. Nothing is more important than to be clear about what we are trying to accomplish. Our purpose should be to provide for our own security and that of our allies, especially South Korea and Japan, while avoiding war. Our purpose should not be regime change in Pyongyang or forcing Kim Jong-un to abandon his nuclear weapons program. Both of those may be desirable. Neither is worth a large-scale war.

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Source: Seven Steps to a…

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No Better Regulars

In Saner Thought

Since I have been in hospital I’ve learned the meaning of loyalty and cmpassion. I can find no better people……love and gratitude…from the bed of the old
Professor. Type on my friend and thank you.
My street name is now „“sammy. Six toes“love you guys.

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In Love With My book(s)

Didi Oviatt

A shipment of books was dropped off on my doorstep last night, and I’m absolutely beside myself! Excited doesn’t even begin to explain how I feel right now. It’s kind of weird the way a mix of elated nerves, pride, and strange humility can all braid themselves into ones insides. I absolutely love how the cover to Search For Maylee has turned out!! Pardon my language, but it’s fucking beautiful! Even looking at it next to my other books, it just kind of stands out!!

**breath Didi, just breath**


Trudging down the well beaten path of a writer isn’t always easy. There are so many ups and downs in the writing process, and finding the dedication and balance to keep on moving can be hard. But, it’s moments like these when you get to see your name printed on such beautiful covers and get feedback with four and five star…

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Rouge To Ruin: Facial Redness Causes

When Women Inspire

Woman with facial redness She hides her face, ashamed of its redness. Photo by Kukuh Himawan Samudro on Unsplash.

For most people, a red face is a sign of one thing and one thing only: embarrassment.

That’s a fair assessment. Embarrassment does indeed cause a flushed appearance to the skin, often a pattern of redness right across the cheekbones. It’s a recognizable reality that most of us are familiar with, but it tends to fade within a few minutes.

So push further into your mind; what else does a red face signify? Exertion is probably the next most common answer – and, again, it’s impossible to disagree. If you’ve been exercising up a storm, then your face will show the effort by flushing red. However, as with embarrassment, the redness is temporary.

However, for certain women, facial redness isn’t caused by embarrassment, exercise, alcohol, or the other most commonly suggested issues. Instead, redness is…

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Beat Study Stress With These Ingenious Methods

When Women Inspire

Studying is something a lot of us do, whether it’s for college or our job. The thing is that it can be pretty stressful having to learn a lot of new and complex information and distill it into a clear and cogent assignment. However, if you find yourself in this predicament, don’t freak out because there are some ways that you can beat study stress and still come out with a great piece of work at the end. Read on to find out more.

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Daily Kind Quote

Erika Kind

Happiness is not dependent on where I am.JPG

Visit my Zazzle Shop and get inspired by lots of daily items or gift ideas designed with my quotes!

In Love and Light

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You May Say I’m A Dreamer – yadadarcyyada

All that peace and love stuff, it’s just idealistic mumbo jumbo, right? Or is it? While I admit I don’t understand a lot of stuff, but as long as it’s not really hurting anyone, w…

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cats999997777777777Aunque esta entrada la puse al principio de abrir el blog, he querido volverla a poner para todos los nuevos seguidores y para los antiguos que refresquen ideas.

Muchos todavía se confunden por el negligente uso de los términos haiku y hokku, tanto en el material escrito como al buscar en internet. ¿Son iguales? No, no lo son. Sin entrar en una descripción detallada, podemos decir que hokku es un poema corto que alcanzó verdadera popularidad cerca del inicio del siglo 16.

No obstante, para nuestro interés, el hokku tal como lo conocemos, comenzó con los escritos de dos personas: Onitsura (1661-1738), que no dejó estudiantes para continuar su trabajo; y Bashô (1644-1694), que sí tuvo seguidores, formando una conocida escuela de seguidores, a los que relataba maravillosos fragmentos de sus relatos y poemas cortos, dejándolos embelesados. La vida de este poeta es algo digno de leer.

El haiku…

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¡Por qué tú, eres tu propio Universo!
Por qué eres la madre tierra,
por qué la lucha está dentro nuestro.
¡Por ti, por mí!
Pon atención a tu cuerpo es
el hogar de tu alma.
¡Cuídalo, tócate y mírate!
No dejes que el agua de la

vida no fluya, déjala seguir
dentro de ti.
Todo pasa, aunque el cuerpo
se marchite, aunque el dolor
nos rompa.
La salud es nuestro derecho, 
luchemos por él.

anigifCon todo mi amor por las personas enfermas de cáncer y en particular hoy, el de mama, mi más profundo abrazo de luz y toda mi energía positiva. 
#Lucha #Investigación #PorLasQueNoestán.

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Saint Ilya Fondaminsky by Sofia Kioroglou at :http://www.pengician.com/2017/10/poetry-saint-ilya-fondaminsky-by-sofia-kioroglou/

Sofia Kioroglou

[Poetry] Saint Ilya Fondaminsky by Sofia Kioroglou

You wished to live with the Christians and die with the Jews
It is out of dough like this that saints are made
You had the possibility to escape from the Nazis
But shared the fate of those who had no such opportunity
Sent to Auschwitz, you shuffled off your mortal coil
In a concentration camp on the 19th of November 1942
You carried your cross, abnegating the warmth of your earthly home
Plunging into the limitless expanse of eternity

(c) Sofia Kioroglou


Brief bio:
Sofia Kioroglou is a missionary, a pilgrim and a wife who happens to write poetry and flash fiction as a form of catharsis. She would be a cave recluse in Sinai had she not met her husband in Jerusalem four years ago. She is a twice award-winning writer and a 2017 Best of the Net Award nominee…

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