In amerikanischen Städten steigt die Mordrate an

Brights - Die Natur des Zweifels

Nach einer Schießerei in Chicago 2016. Bild: Supaflyrobby/CC By-SA-4.0

Chicago liegt weiter an der Spitze, was Morde und Schießereien anbelangt, Donald Trump hatte im Januar angedroht, die Kavallerie zu schicken und eine Executive Order im Februar erlassen

Von Florian Rötzer | TELEPOLIS

Chicago hatte sich zur Stadt mit der höchsten Mordrate in den USA entwickelt. Ein paar Tage nach seinem Amtsantritt glaubte vermutlich US-Präsident Donald Trump noch, er könne durch Gepolter schnelle Veränderungen herbeiführen. So schrieb er auf Twitter, dass er, wenn die „Schlächterei“ nicht aufhöre, die Kavallerie schicke, er sprach von der Bundespolizei. Es habe im Januar bereits 228 Schießereien und 42 Morde gegeben. Was in Chicago passiert, dürfe nicht anderswo in den USA geschehen. Er hatte die Stadt bereits als „Kriegsgebiet“ bezeichnet, das völlig außer Kontrolle gekommen sei.

Trump schickte nicht die „Feds“, geändert hat sich auch nichts. Tatsächlich breitet sich die Gewalt seitdem weiter…

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Mob Haiku: Day at the Races

Book 'Em, Jan O

Pinstriped guys peruse new scratch

sheets.  Which horse?  Crossing pinky

ringed fingers.

Photo: By Paul Kehrer (Flickr: Win, Place, Show) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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Time To Write: Set The Scene

Rachel Poli

Time to write, writing prompt

Write a story set on the beach.

Happy Writing!

rachel poli sign off

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Rosie’s, the launch party.

Look at the picture with the whiskey label:

„Trink with responsibility.“ LOL


Brand new superclub  Rosie’s  opens on Birminghams famous Broad street  this weekend and I was invited along for a sneak peek last night.

Located at 259- 262 Broad street Rosie’s has five rooms spread over two floors. Outside the front is a fenced off area for enjoying cocktails alfresco or for the smokers. We  arrived to a red carpet reception as this weekend is the VIP launch weekend starting tonight (Friday 18th)  DJs Scott Mills and  Chris Stark will be entertaining the crowds in the Dao room. Whilst DJ Ace will be in  the Vault.  With a special appearance of Sam Gotland and Simon Searles of Love Island. 

On Saturday there will be Ciroc  cocktails on arrival and performances from  Nathan Dawes and the Stickmen Duo as well as fire breathers, stilt walkers, magicians and surprises around every corner!

Inside the Montana bar.

We started our Rosie’s experience by…

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Winnetou is back. Will Germany now remove the aristocracy?

You can not believe it, but it really seems to be. The return of Germany to the time of the aristocracy, the knightly games, and thus the „good old times“ as the Roman Catholic Church still decided who was allowed to live and die, seems to be over.
Like a ghosting, the past years with the revival of the Middle Ages was accompanied by the emergence of no less ancient nobility names.
Here and there, but everywhere in leading positions, nobles could now be recognized.
Everything would have been so beautiful, and the citizens would have almost become accustomed to the return
of good old German times.
Winnetou and Old Shatterhand or the famous cowboy films were banished from the German television program.
And suddenly Donald J. Trump came and threw everything throw everything over the pile in Germany.
his rhetoric alone had to revive the Wild West.
It would have been so nice, because the citizens are officially were allowed at festivals to ate with their fingers, and also were allowed to play a house maid, or any other rightless subject.
However, there was no authority seen at the smaller, newly developed festivals.
Only during the festivals, which for decades had paid homage to the Middle Ages, there were also actors for the nobility.
The common people in the country were allowed to play the Middle Ages, but they were not allowed to slip into the clothes of the still existing high nobility.
It would be interesting to investigate scientifically whether it is possible to effect brainwashing in this way, and to direct large
sections of a people.

We Germans always seem to need a higher leadership.
How about thinking? 😉

Have a great weekend, wherever you are! 😉

Shorts Extracts: Hellpidemic Rated L


Empowered by the strongest of his emotions, her absence ruined him as shades began to mock.

Alcohol, cigarettes, sin, rape, and murder – unacceptable by all means but not the most threatening. Human fucking beings and they’re feelings. Infecting one another with their feelings, bouncing from one to the next like a…Parasite, no, more like a drug. The most threatening of them all. A drug by all means natural, it’ll have the strongest man down on his knees begging for release, and the most courageous woman living under self-induced denial as she caves in for house-arrest. Moving through us all like a hormone – testosterone, estrogen – a blessing and a curse we’re simultaneously forced to live with. A burden of darkness, gratitude in light.

More than once most will be exposed to its privileges. Side-effects may vary, but as mentioned previously; loss of strength, will to live, infinite thinking…

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She asks her love to dance with her

Jane Dougherty Writes

This poem is for the dverse prompt and is inspired by Jilly’s quote from Jim Harrison

“As with dancing you have to learn the steps”

The challenge is to write a sonnet in free verse. With no rhyme or rhythm, the lines don’t fall into strict units of quatrains and tercets, for me at least, so I’ve stuck to classic Shakespearean sonnet form. A cop out, I know, but I find a sonnet quite hard enough to write without adding an extra twist to the thumbscrews.

Photo ©Tobiasvde


There is never a teacher for this dance,

No more than to guide the fledgling’s first flight,

To fly or to fall, in the hands of chance,

Sleep or the wolf may come with the night.

Will we untangle the mess that we made?

Our steps tripped and faltered, we parted ways,

Like sand castles crumbled, the plans we laid,


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Friday Funnies – Trying To Keep Writers Block At Bay!

But I Smile Anyway...

It’s one of those days.
I’ve been writing, and my mind came to a halt.
Then I thought what better than to browse the internet whilst munching on my rather late breakfast.

And I found some funny writer memes on Google that I just had to share!

writer meme 5

I think I have been doing that to myself, to be honest, enforcing word count targets on myself every day. My furry muse, however cute, just wants me to stroke him!

writer meme 1

Not pale either…. and I think I eat more as I create… Substitute the coffee for tea, and that may just be me!

writer meme 2

Though I have been pretty good, there have been mornings that I have felt have gone just like that!

'I'm still working on my novel. In the meantime, and this is between you and me, I make ends meet by writing all those cat memes you see on Facebook.'

I found a gif maker… trying really hard to keep myself away from it whilst I am meant to be writing!

writer meme 7

This just made me giggle!

writer meme 4

I’d like to think I’m going to…

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Flying – a poem

Robbie's inspiration


The Fox Family is travelling and it is great. The flight, however, is another story entirely. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and reading your comments although my responses may be slightly delayed over the next few weeks.

When I travel by aeroplane,

it initially sounds like fun,

the plane cuts through the clouds,

heading right up to the sun.


But flying through the night,

is a very sleep-less event,

when I come to in the morning,

my neck and back are bent.


My eyes are horribly dry,

they feel like they’ve been sanded,

and there’s the vague but haunting worry,

that our bags have been left stranded.


Flying does nothing for my looks,

my hair sticks up in a cow’s lick,

no matter how hard I try,

I can’t get it neat and slick.


I invariable feel air sick,

and have to bolt for…

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Memoirs of a Hayseed Physicist by Peter Martel


Part 42:
My First University:
My Master’s work was completed in one year. The objective of the research was to perfect a method for measuring the conductivity of metals at liquid helium temperatures in order to determine their purity. At very low temperatures effects due to vibrations of the metal atoms are negligible, and most of the conductivity is a function of any impurities that are present…. In the course of the work, relaxation oscillations were discovered, which were reported later on in Professor Brian Pippard’s book: The Physics of Vibrations, published in 1978. A famous professor at Cambridge, Pippard had recently been knighted. When I had to respond to his request to cite my Master’s work, I was at a loss as to how to address him.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 12.54.31 PM

With permission of the author. This is an on going story one paragraph at a time beginning on the post of July…

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