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Dear Readers from outside,

next to the contacts here are some things you should know about our part of something significant coverage from the Bavarian-Czech region and our editorial office Eslarn for better understanding the situation we are involved.

Eslarn is a very nice place. With some regret but we have seen the last 10 years of our reporting that a situation is set to the outside, which does not correspond to reality. The place – since there the Federal Republic of Germany has been founded – almost entirely is alive of funds, which are given by the European Community, the Federal Republic of Germany and the Free State of Bavaria. There are some factories located in the village, which, so the lack of public appearances, only be dedicated exclusively to the employment of people willing to work, so they do not get any ideas. Companies like our sponsor ZBE which have sought to see 10 years ago creating well-paying jobs in the IT sector are discriminated against with almost all legally permitted. Apparently, here in the region a few weeks after the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany some people thought again soon affecting the territorial integrity of the Czech Republic and restoring the conditions of the Nazi regime.

It seems, considering the always near the edge of the Political correctness located advances against the Czech Republic and the relative of a large number of citizens always reappear next rejection of the Czech Republic as an EU partner state. Our reporting and related research during the last 12 years have shown at least this place will never add more in the scheme of the European Community. As long as  they get EU fundings here, they will agree to the EU. We dare not write here what could happen if they had to stand on their own two feet.

We hope for your understanding for this place and our coverage, but from a place of of in the 1960s to the 1980s, characterized by the yet unknown sexual abuse cases done by a Catholic priest, one can probably not be expected in conjunction with the things mentioned above.

In addition, only since May 2014 we know during the Second World War even in Eslarn hundreds of war prisoners were used as forced laborers. There is silence till today, where these people have reached the end of the war. More information also in english language.




Editors Office of DEEZ