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Dearest Readers!  Thank you all for the many well-wishes for my weekend hiatus!  I had a great weekend … no car troubles, no injuries, just a nice, relaxing weekend!  I missed you guys, missed your comments that sometimes make me think, other times make me laugh!  I am now back home, safe and sound, although I DID manage to get lost just ten miles from home!!! I am blaming that one on heavy traffic and not being able to get into the lane I needed to be in.  Still, one might think that since I have lived in this area for more than 20 years, I could find my way around!  I am directionally challenged.

I have been responding to comments this evening, and I apologize that my responses are perhaps not as in-depth as usual, but I wanted to get caught up on that tonight and I had four…

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Live Life Well ‚Cos…

Smell The Coffee

None will make it out alive.

The End

(A 6 word story)

Copyright  © 2017 -Vivian Zems

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Daily Kind Quote

Erika Kind

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In Love and Light

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Smorgasbord Health 2017 – Preparing for an operation – Get fit and make good use of the time.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

One of my roles over the years is to prepare some of my clients for surgery. There are risks to any procedure, but you can make a difference to the level of these risks if you are a healthy weight, have normal blood pressure and boost your immune system.

Source: Smorgasbord Health 2017 – Preparing for an operation – Get fit and make good use of the time.

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Covering Up the Massacre of Mosul

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Covering Up the Massacre of Mosul

Exclusive:When Russia and Syria killed civilians in driving Al Qaeda forces out of Aleppo, U.S. officials and media shouted “war crimes.” But the U.S.-led bombardment of Iraq’s Mosul got a different response, notes Nicolas J S Davies.

By Nicolas J S Davies

Iraqi Kurdish military intelligence reports have estimated that the nine-month-long U.S.-Iraqi siege and bombardment of Mosul to oust Islamic State forces killed 40,000 civilians. This is the most realistic estimate so far of the civilian death toll in Mosul.

U.S. soldiers fire an M109A6 Paladin from a tactical assembly area at Hamam al-Alil to support the start of the Iraqi security forces’ offensive in West Mosul, Iraq, Feb. 19, 2017. (Army photo by Staff Sgt. Jason Hull)

But even this is likely to be an underestimate of the true number of civilians killed. No serious, objective study has been conducted to count…

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Two Companion Poems


These are two of the poems that I wrote for Mike Alma’s poetry anthology Voices of 1919 published in 2016. There is a special performance of Voices of 1919 poetry by distinguished local actors on National Poetry Day, Thursday 28th September, at Elmsleigh Hall, Elmslie House, 8 Avenue Road, Great Malvern WR14 3AG–7pm until 9pm plus an interval

Bells Toll

Eliza Ruscoe at number thirteen
cocks her head, hears the bells toll,
she can tell the time by this and John,
husband, signalman, will be home soon,
carrying the metallic whiff of Brasso-clean levers
and fusty yellow dusters, faintly grey.
She serves stew, high in vegetables,
war-grown in the garden
where hens peck;
it used to be full of flowers,
now all chicken shit and veg.
She thinks of her boys
and their hollow legs,
looks forward to filling them up again,
thanks to an absence of telegrams.

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Visiting Brighton Beach and Interesting Bathing Boxes | Safira’s Journey

I really enjoy my holiday in Melbourne. After sightseeing around the city, hunting snow and walking at the Botanical Garden to see Captain Cook’s house, I did visiting Brighton beach as I hav…

Quelle: Visiting Brighton Beach and Interesting Bathing Boxes | Safira’s Journey

The Saudi-israeli Alliance

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

The Saudi-Israeli Alliance

By Eric Zuesse,

Two of the U.S. government’s supposed allies are supposedly not allies of each other but enemies of each other, but, away from the glare of the ‘news’media, they actually work together with each other to control, by means of their secret actual alliance with one-another, a substantial, if not the major, part of U.S. foreign policies — especially regarding Iran, Russia, Syria, Israel, Palestinians, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and Turkey, but much else besides. These two secret allies of each other, who largely determine U.S. foreign policies, are the Saud family, and the government of Israel.

Saudi Arabia is a fundamentalist-Sunni dictatorship in which the royal Saud family actually own the country including its oil company, which is the world’s largest, and in which country the nation’s center of its Shia population is bombed to smithereens if and when…

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Lasagne mit Bolognese, Tomaten, selbst gemachte Nudelblätter und Bechamelsauce 


Heute mal richtig klassisch ❤💚💛 eine Lasagne mit Bechamelsoße. Sonst bereite ich sie immer leicht und modern zu, aber heute musste es nach meinem Gusto, der Klassiker sein. 😍😍😍
Alle dafür benötigte Rezepte findet ihr hier in meinem Blog.


…. Nudelplatten / Lasagneplatten ……
….. Bolognese …..

Für die Bechamelsosse ….


  • 2 EL Butter
  • 1 EL Olivenöl
  • 3 EL Weizenmehl 405er
  • 200 ml Milch
  • Brühe ca. 100 ml

Zubereitung Bechamelsoße ...

Teigplatten und Bolognese nach Rezept zubereiten. Beides lässt sich super auf Vorrat zubereiten. Die Teigplatten können eingefroren werden. Die Bolognessauce könnt ihr entweder einfrieren oder in Weckgläser einkochen.

Somit braucht ihr bei guter Vorbereitung eigentlich nur die B`echamelsosse frisch zubereiten.


Das Öl und die Butter in einem kleinen Topf erhitzen. Das Mehl zugeben und mit einem Schneebesen kräftig rühren und sofort die Brühe angießen und kräftig weiter rühren. Kurz…

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