Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Author Update – Christy Birmingham, Annika Perry and Jacquie Biggar

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Welcome to the first of the updates this week with news of recent reviews from authors on the shelves of the bookstore. If you have a new release, please let me know and I will do an individual promotion once it is available on Amazon.

The first author with a recent review is Christy Birmingham for her collection of poetry Versions of the Self.

About Versions of the Self

Imagine a shift to the way you see the world that arises through poetic narration. Imagine the world, at its base level, is a collection of selves. These selves collide, disperse, intermingle, and share themselves in lines of free verse. Such is the premise of Versions of the Self, poetry that assumes multiple types of selves exist and relate in ways that alter them. Each of the eight chapters looks at a different type of self, including the singular “I” and…

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