Smorgasbord Health Column – Just Food For Health – Nutrients We Need – Vitamin A or Retinal and Beta Carotene.

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It is two years since I posted the series on the nutrients we need in our daily diet to maintain our health.  Each week I will explore a different nutrient and and best sources to ensure that you receive sufficient amounts in your diet. I hope that even if you remember the series from two years ago that you will still find interesting.

I do take supplements but they should only be that… supplemental.. and not your main source of any particular nutrient.

The body has evolved over many thousands of years to process food precisely to extract the nutrients it contains. There is a delicate eco-system within our bodies that requires that precision when it comes to maintaining a healthy balance. The systems that process our food are unable to extract these essential nutrients from industrially produced foods, however many vitamins and minerals have been added during the…

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