Valentines Day Before Solar Eclipse In Aquarius❤️Feb 14 2018🌒New Ways Of Dating

Celestial Priestess's Fourth Density Journal

#Wednesday Feb 14 2018❤️Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope everyone is getting the love they deserve. Tomorrow we have a Solar Eclipse in Aquarius marking a new era. For example if this Solar Eclipse occurs in your 4th house you may be entering a new phase where you will be more private and perhaps not so much social as before. It could be an isolation period where you just want to stay home with family. It could also symbolize renewing the home.

🌒On the grand collective everyone will seek new ways and ideas of improvement. Independence and originality are the keywords for this #Eclipse.

Good to note that this Eclipse is happening a day before Valentines. The moon is at its darkest right now, and one can very much sense how this could resemble the dating world in today’s Era. A very detached attitude of “I go my way and…

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