Florentine Omelette for an Unlucky Queen


What an unlucky queen Mary Stuart was! Losing her father when she was only six days old, the baby queen was sent off to France at the age of five, to be married to a three-year old Dauphin Francis, the heir to the French throne. The actual marriage between the two little kids had to wait until they became of age – sixteen and fourteen. Meanwhile, the child bride, growing up as a precocious, beautiful and gifted girl with a sunny disposition, became everybody’s darling. Everybody, but one person, adored her. Unfortunately, that one person was the only person who counted – the reigning queen Catherine de Medici.


Her father-in-law, King Henry II, loved little Mary. His favorite, Diane de  Poitiers, loved little Mary. No wonder Queen Catherine hated her! Add to that the fact the Mary was exceptionally tall for her times, willowy, very beautiful, vivacious, and, most importantly…

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