Cute Little Dove


She was a cute little dove,

Looking forward granny to love,

For last 9 months she has been told,

She will have younger brother to hold,

Ohh!! She was so happy and excited,

Her days and nights were beautiful and delighted,

Her mind broke all the bounds,

As her mother gained some extra pounds,

Finally, D day arrived,

To let fate of her mother decide,

She went to school that day with all the joy,

Thinking her mommy will have a baby boy,

But the news appeared to be serious,

As her granny and grand pa’s reactions were grevious,

Her granny cried in the hospital,

As if something was fatal,

She was figuring the reason behind this,

Grand pa’s hospitalization and granny’s piss,

She went to meet the little sister thinking that she must be a monster,

When entered, she was directed to go with nurse and doctor,

She saw…

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