An Eye Update …

Filosofa's Word

Hello dear friends!

So many of you have offered well-wishes for my eye surgery and expressed caring and concern, and I wanted to give you a brief update.

The surgery was yesterday morning.  I was a bit put off when, as a part of the 2,000 question pre-surgery routine, I was asked if I have a ‘living will’.  I promptly said that was a strange question, then asked how many patients they have lost.  There things are good to know, right?  She claimed they had not lost a single patient, though I’m still puzzled by that question.

blind-2The surgery, I was told, went well, but I couldn’t know any results, since they placed a heavy patch on my eye with instructions to leave it in place ‘til morning.  Now, those of you who have known me for a while know that I am a stubborn wench and do not take…

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