An Atlantean Legend – Suzanne #writephoto

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Blaskett Islands

As the evening chill crept over the land a lone figure sat in the pavilion on the headland, his duties forgotten.

It was Adyarh, the High Priest.   Down at the temple people milled about not sure whether to go on with the rituals without him or not.  Finally an acolyte stood up and took charge.  He reasoned that the evening prayers to the Sea Gods must be chanted lest the people be drowned in their beds as so many of their ancestors had been long ago.

The sound of their prayers drifted up to Adyarh and penetrated his fugue.   For a moment he considered rushing down to the temple then realised the people were coping just fine without him.   He wouldn’t be able to comfort them anyway for he was too shaken by the news a visitor had bought him that afternoon.

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