A Play Performance

A Teacher's Reflections

A play performance with preschoolers?  Where children pick parts, make props, and decide on what to say?  You bet.  Instead of telling children what to do, I ask them what they want to do.

That’s empowering.

We learned about the Southwest, and a favorite book was The Three Little Javelinas by Susan Lowell.  It’s a Southwest take on The Three Little Pigs.  Perfect story for a play performance!

In this story, the pigs are javelinas, and the wolf is a coyote.  The first house built was with tumbleweed (not straw.)

We made the tumbleweed house by gluing shredded paper onto styrofoam balls.  That was fun, and it looked just like tumbleweed.

The second house built was with with the sticks that are part of the tall saguaro cactus (not sticks from trees.)

Our sagauro stick house was made with craft sticks glued in long rows.  This was fun, and…

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