Bohemian Beauty!


The Bohemian city of Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The capital of Czech Republic, its history goes back millennia. The beer there is supposed to be the best in Europe.


Visitors from all the world come to view this incredible city.The 1989 Velvet Revolution that freed the Czechs from communism bequeathed to Europe a gem of a city to stand beside stalwarts such as Rome, Amsterdam and London. The crowds can’t take away from the spectacle of a 14th-century stone bridge, a hilltop castle and a lovely, lazy river – the Vltava – that inspired one of the most hauntingly beautiful pieces of 19th-century classical music in Smetana’s set of symphonic poemsMá Vlast.

Prague is a paradise for the wanderer. There is always a place to explore a little bit more.Just a few streets away from the Old Town Square you can stumble…

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