‚New‘ economy, poverty for German pensioners, Greeks

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This Euronews Business video says about itself:

20 February 2015

Over 12.5 million Germans are now living below the poverty line which is the highest number on record since reunification [of West and East Germany] 25 years ago.

Berlin, the capital of the eurozone’s economic powerhouse is one of the poorest regions in Germany.

The figures come in a report by one of the country’s welfare organisations.

The poverty threshold was calculated at 892 euros a month for a single household and 1,873 euros for a family of four.

Berlin with 21.4 percent falling into the poor category is well above the country’s average.

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Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Poverty in Germany: ‚The only thing I can economize on is food‘

Today, 20:56

According to many, it is an underexposed theme in the German election campaign: poverty among the elderly. Economically, Germany is…

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