Night tides

Jane Dougherty Writes

We’re reaching the end of Jilly’s  28 days of Jim Harrison quotes. This one is

“It is life’s work to recognize the mystery of the obvious”  

Photo ©Slaunger


Yours, a face so familiar

I know its every line and curve,

its skin tones shading.

Eyes, so often swum in, dived deep,

that I have watched as they close in sleep,

and the way the colour changes

with the sky and the years.

So close, so near,

and yet I dread those silent nights,

when the moon looks the other way,

and stars and wishes fall into other’s hands, not mine.

I wonder, if I am left behind,

when you turn your face into the dark,

will I still recall your eyes,

the colour of sun on a northern sea?

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