Daily Haiku: Aug. 14, 2017

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Dear Readers and Followers:

Today on The Daily Haiku, we are dong something different from the usual. Many of you are familiar with Tom Painting, longtime award-winning poet of haiku whose work is often featured on this blog. Tom is a teacher at Paideia School in Atlanta, GA (USA). In his curriculum, he includes haiku.

Below are seven haiku from one of his students, Emma Jones. Emma began writing the form as a 7th grader and is a senior this new school year.

We’re sure you will enjoy Emma’s haiku as much as we do.


Charlotte Digregorio

Below are some of Emma Jones’ published and award-winning haiku:

tinfoil boats

down the driveway

a child’s rainy day

Frogpond, Vol. 39:2, 2016

bare feet

dewy moss

between the flagstone

Frogpond, Vol. 39:2, 2016

after a baseball game

baked leather

car seats

Honorable Mention

United Nations International School

English Division…

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