Sky in motion

Jane Dougherty Writes

Still finding gems of inspiration in Jilly‘s Jim Harrison quotes. This one is

“On some clear nights in the country the stars can exhaust us” 

Image ©Zach Dischner


Nights full of stars and the sounds of the dark and the smells, cooling and winding from deep-cupped blooms, unfurl around our day-pale faces. The ear is filled full as the sea, with the snip-snap and rustlings of furtive life. Strained eyes see only the lack of light and shrouded shadows beneath the trees. But in the sky, in the brilliant vastness of the overarching sky is strung out the lightshow of the universe. Songs of silence glitter where the friendly chattering blue was spread. Untuned our ears and unfocused our eyes, the Dog Star draws us skywards, heads tilted back in wonder, into the tireless dance. About our feet, mice patter, while fox watches and waits for us to…

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