New Video: White Privilege and White Denial

Truth- A Right to Fight For...

A few days ago I made this video regarding white privilege and the overall …purpose  of it is my asking people who claim to be against racism and have light skin or white skin, regardless of ethnicity, what they do when it’s just them with other „white“ or „light skin“ people… I go on to share a story (kind of…it got kind of chopped…as I explain) about what I believe is the right way to behave when it comes to racism when you have light skin….

And that is, no matter where you are or who is around you; you should always stand up against any form of filthy racist lies and disgusting white racists thinking they can talk like that in front of me thanks to my stupid light skin. As I say, maybe you think I’m too confrontational; I should pick and choose my debates.

I have a…

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