Inglorious  – Journey #writephoto

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The aged and wrinkled look concealed a knowledge that was unvoiced. The wordless communication with passing by travelling animated creatures was sometimes reciprocated with a stare or smile.

The horizon give the nod to sun to occupy the empty space that was left by moon last night. The other tenants, stars will sleep and work with moon in darkness. The sun was again lonely but it hardly put a damper on his happiness. He knew that he has companions on terra firma.

The advent of the sun was corresponded with sigil of life bursting out, on air as well as land.

The life, sometime to continue life, ended it. 

All the life form respected him for he was old and wise. He didn’t speak, but his silence echoed his wisdom. But, one day an image appeared, although life surrounded him the eyes of the image were lifeless.

The image killed…

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