How To Handle Your Characters Enjoying Themselves A Little Too Much! #SundayBlogShare #AmWriting


I am sure all of the literary greats, during the creation of their masterpieces, raised an eyebrow at their fictional characters and muttered under their breath; „what do you think my book is – a fun-filled 18-30 holiday for you lot?“

The realisation that your characters are enjoying themselves a little too much can be a tough one to process. You start to question yourself after your character shrieks with happiness for about the hundredth time in one chapter – am I making this journey too easy? Where has all the conflict gone in my novel?

I always find my characters tend to be enjoying themselves too much when I am having a bad day. Whilst I am struggling with day-to-day life they will be having the time of their fictional lives on the pages of my draft novel and this will leave me prickling with irritation.

Why should my…

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