Canadian Bookstores part 2

Capital Nerd


16.Book Bazaar (Ottawa, ON)

„The aisles are just stacks of books. Amazing selection of new and old books for the new reader all the way to collector. Books you’ll never find anywhere else, I could spend hours there!“

17.The Bookshelf (Guelph, ON)

It has been our city’s only independent bookstore for over 42 years and is a hotbed of culture and activity year round. They support local and Canadian authors, always have in the best new books, have a great LGBTQ+ section, and super supportive owners. It’s also a plus that it’s not *just* an independent bookstore but also an indie cinema and bar and bistro!

18.Mables Fables (Toronto, ON)

„It’s a children’s bookstore that is so much fun to walk around in and has so much selection and whimsy, it’s an adventure while looking for your next literary treasure.“

19.Doug Miller Books (Toronto, ON)


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