A Literary A-Z: Q


Ah, the always awkward ‚Q‘. Feel free to add your own choices. Any book title, or the surname of an author, as long as it starts with this troublesome letter. I had to do some research for ‚Q‘. Although I discovered a surprising number of titles, I also realised that I had read hardly any of them. I have already used what would have been my top choice, ‚And Quiet Flows The Don‘, so I am limited to just one book title in this letter. As a consequence, this is a very short post!

‚The Quiet American‘ was written by Graham Greene, and published in 1956. It is about an inexperienced young American arriving in Vietnam during the years of upheaval against French Colonial rule, sent by the US government with a secret mission to carry out. He meets a world-weary reporter, Englishman Thomas Fowler, who has settled in Saigon…

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