You: A sportsperson ( One minute read)

Palpable Pennings

When I look at you,
I see the strength
In body,
In heart,
In soul..

I realise
how you crave
to succeed,
give your best..
You find yourself
not always
in the arena of success..

You do fall down,
Get up
and you know that
You are going
to fall down again..

You get up
to see yourself
amongst the best,
to be the best,
to give your best..

You have built up
on succeses
and more on
Those learnings
which have made you
fight those ‚downs‘,
those phases of not
tasting successes..

I have learnt
just by looking at you
That life is all about
Getting up,
Achieving your goals,
Coming back again,
Till you just
Nail it..!


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