What Makes A Book „Summer Reading“? Guest Post by, Jaq D Hawkins…

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You see the lists; Summer Reading, Books To Read On Vacation, What To Read At The Beach and other variations. I glanced at such a list recently and wondered, what qualifies a book to be on a summer reading list?

The one I looked at had a mixed bag from Classics to Science Fiction to non-fiction and modern top sellers. So what qualities link these diverse books and make them suitable for summer reading?

I noted on the particular list I perused that there were an inordinate number of non-fiction books about current events or recent history; topics of interest to stimulate the mind. I found several poetry books and among the fiction a few familiar Classics were interspersed among many more recent novels across a spectrum of genres.

The single common factor that applied to all of the books is that they were all short to medium length. No…

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