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Jacquie Biggar- USA Today Best-selling author


This month Rave Writers- International Society of Authors is celebrating the amazing talent in this group by highlighting some of our writer’s work with you.

Today’s spotlight is on Lynn Hobbs. Here’s a little bit about Lynn:

Lynn Hobbs

The Texas Association of Authors awarded Lynn Hobbs 1st place in Religious Fiction for 2013 for her book Sin, Secrets, and Salvation…and 1st place in Religious Fiction for 2014 for her book River Town…also 1st place in Religious Fiction for 2015 on her book Hidden Creek. Lynn’s latest book, „Lillie, A Motherless Child“ won first place in Biography 2016 by the Texas Association of Authors. The named Lynn Hobbs as a winner in their 2013 „Fifty Great Writers You Should Be Reading“ contest, and a finalist in 2012 where she was interviewed on their national radio program in the Christian category. Worldwide Who’s Who awarded Lynn “Professional of…

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