Milestones along the Way – Tradition and Smoke Signals by Geoff Cronin

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

TraditionThree friends were in the habit of meeting every evening in their local pub to have just one drink on their way home from work. Each would buy in his turn and the round was three halves of Jameson Whisky. Well, after some years one of the friends was transferred to another town and his two pals continued to buy and drink the traditional three halves – just not to forget the absent one.However, before the year was out a second member of the trio was transferred, leaving one solitary friend and he decided he was not going to forget his two pals. To that end he continued to buy the three halves which he drank – what else could he do?Anyway this went on for some time until one day he went into the pub as usual and ordered just two halves of Jameson – The barmaid served them…

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