„He knows the way that I take.“


1 Samuel 9:1-6, 14-21, 26, 27

1 Samuel 9:2

It would have been better had he been godly as well:

1 Samuel 9:3

A quaint writer says, „Saul’s obedience was a fit entrance upon his sovereignty. The service was homely for the son of a great nan; yet, he refuseth not to go with his fathers servant, upon so mean a search. The disobedient and scornful are good for nothing; they are neither fit to be subjects nor governors. Kish was a great man in his country, yet he disdained not to send his son Saul upon a thrifty errand; neither does Saul plead that it would disgrace him. Pride and wantonness have marred our times. Great parents count it a dishonour to employ their sons in honest labour, and their pampered children think it a shame to do anything, and so behave themselves as if they counted it a…

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