Donald Trump’s military invasion of Venezuela?

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This parody music video from Britain is called Earth, Wind, Fire & Fury – „Nukee Pyongyang„.

It says about itself:

9 August 2017

Donald Trump sends an apocalyptic disco message to North Korea via his Earth, Wind & Fire tribute band.


Bang! Nukee Pyongyang
Bang! Nukee Pyongyang

Sanctions land so quickly onto North Korea when they make stupid threats
Supercalifragilistic missiles got the Donald in a sweat
I’ll stare Kim Jong-un in the face and say, “Go ahead, make my day, punk”
I’ll flick the switch and blow that bitch
Into kingdom come

Bang! Nukee Pyongyang
Bang! Nukee Pyongyang

Apart from threatening nuclear war against North Korea, a grave threat against the people of United States colony Guam, Donald Trump threatens war a bit closer to the USA as well.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Trump does not exclude military intervention in…

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