Cuba Applies for Viñales to be Region’s First UNESCO Geopark

Repeating Islands


A report from TeleSur.
Cuba’s Viñales Valley, which UNESCO has described as a „living landscape,“ blends vibrant human activity with prehistoric geological significance.

A team of Cuban experts are preparing an application for the “living landscape” Viñales Valley in the western part of the island to become a UNESCO recognized Global Geopark, a title which would recognize the region as one of global geological significance and enhance tourism to the region.

The Global Geopark title is conferred by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and designates areas where a the regions geological heritage is integrated into its local development and economy. There are currently 120 geoparks in 33 different countries.

Viñales Valley would be Cuba’s first Geopark, as well as the first in the Caribbean region.

UNESCO defines a Geopark as “a geographical area where geological heritage sites are part of a holistic concept of protection…

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