#Carrotranch Flash fiction challenge – Berries and music

Robbie's inspiration

IMG_0207I love music. I play my favourite songs, usually on repeat and at a high volume, in the car. I sing lustily, oblivious to the curious stares of the passengers and drivers in surrounding vehicles. I have always been like this. Completely obsessed with one particular song for days on end. Playing the same track endlessly until I am so sick of it I can hardly bare to ever hear that song again. When I was a teenager I nearly drove my Father mad. I played Tracy Chapman endlessly. He still remarks on this behaviour today.

I never had the opportunity to learn how to play an instrument. I think I would have loved it. I decided to give [you can read that as force – smile] both my boys to play a musical instrument until they finish primary school. Gregory plays the piano beautifully and has just passed his Grade 5…

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