Audition Preparation

My Cup of English Tea

Great news! I have been invited to an audition in London. It’s for a small project-based contemporary dance company. Unfortunately, their current project features Spanish dance. I have very little experience in this style, but I’ll give it a go. The audition will consist of a basic Flamenco class, so I’ve been searching for studios here in Switzerland. I found one called La Ursula, where I can take classes for three weeks to refresh and deepen my knowledge of the style. (Can’t believe it’s only 3 weeks until my move!) So, off I went to the local dancewear store to buy some theater dance shoes:

I didn’t opt for Flamenco shoes because they’re about twice the price, and it wouldn’t be worth it for just one audition. These I will be able to use in the future for theater dance, character dance and most Latin dance styles.

In other…

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