Allah is Al Fattah The Opener

"Mommy, Who Is Allah?"

Susan Jones

Bisma Allah Al Rahman Al Raheem

Allah is Al Fattah. He, who opens all things. He is The One who opens up the doors of His mercy and provides for us from places of which we could have never imagined. He is The One who reveals and judges that which is best for us and opens those avenues. He is The One who guides and liftsthe veils and has the power to unseal,the hearts, hearing and the sight of the ones whochoose belief over disbelief. He is the One who we call upon asAl Fattah when we are distressed and are looking for a way out of a certain situation. Allah is The Opener. Providing a means or a door that moves us onto another stage in our lives.

Allah is Al Fattah. It is He we call upon when we begin a new journey or embark on…

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