Zucchini Meets Zoodles

Real Life of an MSW

This has to be the best way, hands down, to play with your food as an adult. If you know of a better way, I want to know! I was over the moon when my dear friend Abby sent me this as birthday present. I am sure she thought it was a gag gift, but I love it. Now, if you’re wondering what the hell a zoodle is- it is an incredibly fresh and heathy alternative to pasta. No, I am not giving up pasta. I am just living in the moment of spring. Zoodles are incredibly nutritious and a healthy alternative to highly processed gluten free pasta. The only processing is when you crank the handle- thanks to a spiralizer (I have this one). Real life moment- it does NOT spiralize all of my zucchini. Yes, it can go in the dishwasher, but I find the water…

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