The Best Bookstores in Thiland

Capital Nerd


Airport bookstores are lackluster, at best. With little variety in titles and genres in addition to steep price tags, these bookstores are the last place travelers want to purchase their next read. It is for this reason that tourists oftentimes find themselves finishing one publication without having a next title in mind. Fret not, as those traveling to Thailand have an abundance of bookstores waiting to be browsed by the biggest of bookworms. Here’s Culture Trip’s best bookstores in Thailand.

Dasa Book Cafe

This secondhand bookshop claims to be the best one in Bangkok, with over 18,000 books to choose from. Dasa Books has one of the largest selections of English titles in Bangkok, in addition to a wide selection in a number of other languages. They also buy and sell secondhand CDs of all types and genres. This intimate bookstore has a handful of tables and chairs for visitors to take the…

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