Behind the White Coat

Pizza shop in New York City

„I need to do a six month physician supervised weight loss program before I can get the gastric sleeve covered by my insurance.“ She wasn’t even that heavy to start off with, her BMI was 32. She wasn’t diabetic and did not have high blood pressure.

„You are going to be married to a fistful of vitamin supplements for the rest of your life.“

„I don’t care. I am tired of being fat, of having people judge me.“ I understood. People can be so cruel. „My friends have all had it done and they look great,“ she said hopefully. „But I can’t loose too much weight right now or I won’t qualify anymore…“

We both knew she had no intention of really trying.

Sure enough she demonstrated a nice weight gain at each visit and steadfastly refused to count her calories or exercise or do anything except to say, „I’m…

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