Over the Edge #writephoto – Emily Weatherburn

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

This piece of creative writing was inspired by Sue Vincent’s weekly photo prompt. Thanks for the inspiration, Sue, and I hope you all enjoy the post.

It’s a funny thing, to be alone. It’s not at all like we imagine it, either. Our dreams of relaxing on a moonlit beach, the silence ringing in our ears, they aren’t real. Or maybe we dream less drastically – maybe all we want is to lounge in an empty flat, unbothered by the noise and clutter of others. That’s not real, either, though. The real thing – the real prospect of being absolutely, completely alone – is much bigger, and much more intense.

Sue Vincent
Credit: Sue Vincent

First, you will feel the fear. You will realise that relaxation is impossible because that moonlit beach is haunted by shadows. The silence is there, but it isn’t blessed; it’s thick and crushing, pushing in on…

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