Meet Guest Author Jerry Levy

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So I wear two different coloured socks to the office. Brown and blue. Black and purple. Grey and white. Most people don’t look at your socks anyway and I’m careful enough not to show them around, well, not to most people anyway. Just to a select few who might understand. And there aren’t many of those. Now maybe you’re wondering what is going on with that Levy fellow and why is he telling us this. Because I’m a writer, that’s why. Let me explain.

My name is Jerry Levy and I live in Toronto, Ontario. And this past year was one of the most brutal on record. Blisteringly cold. A lot of times I wore two pairs of socks. But I digress. You see, I didn’t always live in Toronto, and I didn’t always wear different coloured socks. So let me take you back. I went to high school in…

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