I’m So Excited I Can’t Contain Myself

Cathy Lynn Brooks

I wasn’t going to show my new book cover until I launched my book Not My Story To TellbutI’m thrilled with it and just must show everyone. First, a little backstory. I had a few book covers done on Fiverr. It just didn’t hit the mark using Stock photos but I learned that putting an unknown face on a memoir is a „no no“. Readers won’t recognize the person or me, an unknown author, and will not buy the book. My family encouraged me to paint a picture. I did a watercolour of Justine looking out over a body of water. I took a picture of it on my iPad and the quality of the picture wasn’t very good. Hereis more on that.

I had asked illustrator,Ashley Barronfor some advice. She and Justine grew up together.Hereisthe blogpost on their relationship. My friend Kate called…

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