Georgia on My Mind


The city of Tbilisi is situated in Georgia. It is cosmopolitan, international and sophisticated,  yet it is essentially and distinctly Georgian and retains a close focus on local tradition and culture. It is a city of contrasts, a meeting point between western and eastern civilizations. The architecture stretches from antiquity through eighteenth century balconied homes to austere soviet structures, right up to the ultra modern. The old is not overly polished.

I found this city to be very interesting – a mixture of colours wherever I went. A blast from the past, the old part of the city of Tbilisi looks intact from its ancient Byzantine-meets-Russian inception.

The architecture is gorgeous, a mix of European and the distinctively local.

The city was built on the hills, which is great for the views. Everywhere you look you can see the beauty of the city.

In the pictures above you can the Metekhi Cathedral…

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