Eslarns Tillyplatz governed by the Socialists?

TILLYPLATZ 2030 - Marktplatz der Generationen

Since yesterday election campaign also started at the Tillyplatz. The SPD parliamentary candidate is represented twice. Of the other candidates (CSU etc.) is nothing to be seen.

We had already explained it in a DEEZ issue.In order not to frighten our Czech neighbors, and not to put too much emphasis on the not so long-standing statements on the „recovery of the homeland“ (Minister President Dr. Edmund Stoiber,CSU) – the changes to the statutes of the SL were unlawful, the recovery of the homeland is still on the program – in the Free State of Bavaria, the Socialist Party of Germany, SPD for short, has been running since then. Even from their ranks, there is as yet no turning away from the recovery of the homeland. But it just makes a better picture, especially within the EU. 😉

We think this will never get better. On a suitable occasion…

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