Dutch socialists not Trump’s poodles for Venezuela regime change

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This video says about itself:

Trump’s Administration is All About Regime Change

24 January 2017

On that 24 January 2017, this blog blogged:

Trump‘s nominee for the United States State Department, Rex Tillerson of ExxonMobil (which has a long conflict with Venezuela about nationalised oil which it wants privatised), is already talking about regime change in Venezuela.

Meanwhile, it is 11 August 2017. Rex Tillerson is no longer Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State; he is Trump’s Secretary of State. However, he is still very much the ExxonMobil bigwig. And his, his boss Trump’s and ExxonMobil’s machinations for regime change in Venezuela have become even more obvious.

Now they want economic sanctions against Venezuela; especially against the people elected recently by the Venezuelan electorate into the constituent assembly.

The European Union and the US Trump administration sometimes disagree. Eg, the EU does not really like Donald…

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