You can now rent out a whole Caribbean island on Airbnb

Repeating Islands


A report from Her.

You can now rent out an entire Caribbean island, all thanks to Airbnb.

Bird Island is located near Placencia, a beach resort off the coast of Belize – and it looks like the stuff that dreams are made of.

The Robinson Crusoe style listing has plenty of options for activities – from swimming to kayaking; snorkelling to exploring – while still maintaining all the comforts of daily life.

The island is listed as having „exceptional weather“ for most of the year – „always cool, even when the mainland starts to become hot and humid“.

If you’re looking at making your way to Bird Island, it will cost you €520 for your getaway – and the trip to get there from Placenia Village is included in the price.

The island holds accommodation for six people, with three double bedrooms and two bathrooms on site.


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