The problem with the Empathizing-Systemizing theory

the silent wave

Trudging further along the path of autistic self-discovery can lead one in so many different directions. Sure to be a stop along the tour, however, is a concept known as the Empathizing-Systemizing Theory, a hypothesis (and only a hypothesis), the brain-child of researcher Simon Baren-Cohen.

As far as researchers go, Simon Baren-Cohen is one of our most allied, one of the autism-friendlier. That’s not to say that he’s exactly autism-friendly, per se, especially in terms of females; that just goes to show how hostile the majority of the research world is to Aspergier’s/autism and the people on its spectrum. I’m not saying I’m a fan; it’s just that it’s all relative.

Nevertheless, he came up with this theory, which suggests that:

„people may be classified on the basis of their scores along two dimensions: empathizing (E) and systemizing (S).“

That’s all well and good; I think it’s important…

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