Not Skirting the Issue

Stevie Turner, Indie Author.

Have a ponder on this one while I’m out at work this morning…I know this topic is going to cause controversy, but I’m going to go ahead with it anyway.

On my BBC News app yesterday I read about a young lady, Gina, and her sister standing in a crowd at the British Summer Time music festival in London’s Hyde Park on a hot day in July this year.  A photo shows Gina wearing a long-sleeved top and a very short skirt barely covering her genitals.  Her sister was more conservatively dressed in a long black skirt which reached to her mid-calf.

As the sisters stood listening to a band, a man standing nearby in the crowd offered them some chips.  Gina accepted.  The man then asked her lots of questions and looked her up and down, laughing about her to his friend.  He then brushed up against her, and without her knowing…

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