Microfiction #Three Line Tales: Quiet Morning

Jane Dougherty Writes

This is for Sonya’s Three Line Tales

photo by Annie Theby via Unsplash


She sipped her coffee slowly, enjoying the feeling of being alone, the first to arrive at the office, and idly wondered why the curtains were drawn at the house opposite on such a beautiful morning.

It was usually a hive of activity, kids getting off to school, parents off to work, and she moved across the office to try and get a better view, past the hippy mobile parked right across her line of vision, like a nervous horse ready to bolt.

Screams, quickly muffled, leaked from the house, as hooded figures burst through the front door, tossed four wriggling, kicking bundles into the back of the van and, as the coffee cup slipped from her fingers, the nervous horse bolted.


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