Like glitter [autistic poetry]

the silent wave

Every time I swear that it’s the last time
Just one last time
Just can’t take it
Every defense I build it blows right through it
Pushes past it
Just can’t make it
Every sense I get that it’s a bad one
It’s an even worse one
It knocks me down and
I ask the teacher above what’s my lesson
Where’s the balance
Help me understand

I think each time that I’ll pull through it
Before it falls apart
And each time I’m disappointed
And strangled around the heart
It just keeps on growing
I knew it from the start
Please grab my hand and…
Pull me through it

Every time I think you’ll see me through this
See me through it
See right through me
I’m not expecting you to shake your head and
Bow your head and
Decide to screw me
Every time I picture you
Your expression…

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