1,00,000 Hits On SumitOfficial’s Blog

SumitOfficial's Blog

How does it feel when you get to know that your blog has reached a point where the hits crossed 5 digits? It does feel great, right?

Well, that is what happened last night. SumitOfficial’s Blog has reached 1,00,000+ views after 2 years of hard work. I am really grateful to each and everyone because of whom it could have been possible, no matter how good or bad I write if there would be no one to read it, it won’t make any sense.

So this is not my achievement, to be honest, it was nothing but your love for the reading of whatever I write here on SumitOfficial’s blog.

I remember ever since I had started blogging in the year 2015 the entire stats of the year was not even 1000 (It was only 843 views, to be precise) but I am glad I did not lose my hope and kept…

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