Top Writing Tips by Muslim Authors #03


We got 5 tips for the price of 3 with our next author, the wonderful Misbah Akhtar. She has the debut Blog Tour of her book ‘Ramadan without Daddy’ taking place from 7th Aug – 11th Aug 2017.

Misbah states on her website that: “My passion is to inspire others through real life experiences; humor and lessons learned; but perhaps best of all, by just simply caring.”

RWD cover

On being asked to provide her top tips for writing, she came up with the following:

Tip 1: Make Time – Make time for your writing. Even if it’s only a paragraph, write something every day. This will get you in to the habit of writing. As long as you are writing, it doesn’t matter what it’s about.

Tip 2: Write from the Heart –  Don’t worry about what you think others want to read; write what YOU would want to read…

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