Smorgasbord Reblog – Fantastic Beasts and where to…. (Three) by Paul Andruss

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Thomas the Rhymer

Fantastic Beasts are something we are used to seeing on film and television with massive special effect budgets to create out of this world creatures. However, some may not be as fantastic of those who really existed in the long distant past.  Paul Andruss explores the myth of Palug’s Cat that was recorded in ancient Welsh manuscripts between 1200 and 1400 and relating to the time of King Arthur’s reign long before

Palug’s Cat (from adapted sources: Andruss)

The North Wales holiday island of Anglesey seems a funny place for an ABC to roam.

ABC: Alien Big Cat.

Not one that came down in a flying saucer; although believe me people claim to see all sorts. And it must be said, Anglesey does have a nuclear power plant so I suppose anything is possible. No, the cat is alien in the sense it shouldn’t be there in the first place……

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