Natural Plant Bamboo Gel from BioAqua

Mistress of spice and everything nice

If you have been through my blogs before, you will know I am a ‚Aloe vera gel‘ person totally! I totally love my aloe vera gel.. it makes my skin soft, acne free and works great from sunburns. But in my recent haul, this lady showed me this extremely cute looking bottles and said.. „try this… I heard its really good“. I thought why not give it a try.

Price –250/- INR for 250gms bottle.

Product Description –

  • A soothing gel with moisture infused texture that moisturizes with a cooling and soothing effect.
  • The bottle looks extremely cool, beautifully designed!
  • Has a mild smell of bamboo giving u a soothing feel. I totally love it.
  • A multipurpose soothing gel that can be used on face and body both.


Ingredients – 

Contains 99% Damyang bamboo extract. Highly concentrated bamboo extract charges skin with moisture, maintaining skin hydration, increasing elasticity and…

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