Microfiction #Friday Fictioneers: Home

Jane Dougherty Writes

A little 99 word writing exercise to kick off the day. This is for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers.

Photo courtesy of CEAyr


“Volcanic, I’d say.” He ran a proprietorial hand around the mouth of one of the holes, as if the rock was an egg he had just laid. “Would have been full of poisonous gases…or something.”

She reached out, touched the edge of the hole. “Sharp. Like it’s just been…” She dipped a finger in the glittering stone dust that lay inside and hesitantly put her ear to the rock. She straightened abruptly, grabbed his hand and turned, braced to run.

“What’s up?” He stood his ground, obstinately.

“Not gas bubbles. Teeth. And the chewer’s still in there!”

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